DYK how to use G Suite without internet access?

Travel Agent vs. Tour Guide

I’ve been buried deep in working on my dissertation proposal and have been finding it challenging to keep focused. I read someplace that using a metaphor, analogy, or story can add a level of cohesiveness to a paper. I may not write this into my paper, but taking that approach is helping me make a bit more sense of…

Fake Facebook Page

Fake Facebook Page

There are a number of services out these that allow students to simulate what historical figures or literary characters might post on social media. A popular one is Fakebook. However, we wanted to manage this assignment using Google Classroom. While we did come across some Google Slide templates using the simulated Facebook layout, I just couldn’t…

EdSurge Quoted Me!

I’m not one for tooting my own horn (extra funny because I am a trumpet player) but I did want to share that I got a highlighted quote in this EdSurge article. My first time!