Another Amazing Race

I just finished presenting a session at the Tennessee Educational Technology Conference. It was another iteration of “An Amazing Race” using a variety of Google tools. The session had to be closed early because we filled up (even Adam Bellow couldn’t get a seat!).

Unfortunately, the wifi was not cooperating so the activity itself was quite frustrating. However, based on the comments I received afterward, people left with a good idea of the structure of the activity and how they can take it back to their schools. It really is a pretty simple way to incorporate active learning in any lesson and any subject.

I shared a post earlier in the year about when I did the activity with the teachers at my school but I wanted to share this session’s experience and workflow as well.

I began by displaying a Google Doc explaining the activity and giving some tips. I didn’t spend too much time talking but I wanted to lay a foundation. My focus for this session was, in part, about learning some specific skills but it was more about providing exposure to the activity and having a meaningful debriefing afterward so attendees would feel comfortable taking the activity back to their own schools.

Because I knew the wifi was iffy, I threw together a more thorough debriefing document last night. I used that after the 20 minute version of the game to walk through what the attendees WOULD HAVE been able to do if wifi had been more robust. This was my favorite part of the session. It gave me a chance to show a few things and toss out ideas for use.

I grabbed a little Periscope during part of the session and explain a little but about the activity during it.


I wish the session had gone more like I had planned but, honestly how often does THAT happen – rarely. I appreciated the time 50 people spent with me and I look forward to hearing about how they can take the idea and run with it.

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