Scan Barcodes Into a Google Form / Spreadsheet

The Scan to Web (and Scan to Spreadsheet) app has come in very handy for me this year. No need for a small school district to spend lots of money on fancy barcode readers when a few dollars spent on an app will do. Here is a quick video showing what I’ve been doing today as I get our new Chromeboxes set up for our computer labs.

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  1. I used the Scan to Web app and found it useful. You need to also download a scanner app. This app simply provides an interface to the input for the scanner app reading. Very usefull for those that like to use Google Forms.

    Since Goolge Forms is cloud base someone in a different room can read an order and keep track of statistics during an event. Very good for getting hot meals out the door or serving a large population.

    I would like to know if there are any issues or interesting features or ways to make use of the app. that you have also found

  2. Every time I’ve used this app, I have to use the keyboard in the app to put a space after the scanned code/text to get it to work. Very inconvenient. Do you have a solution? Wondering what I am doing wrong.

    • I will agree it is buggy. I have noticed that when I change from portrait to landscape, if I have already clicked into the text box, it needs to be clicked in again. Usually if I am scanning a bunch, I will lock the screen orientation.

      Always keeping my eye out for a better option.

      • Hi Wanda and Shawn.
        I’m Andy, the developer of Scan to Web. We are investing a lot more time this year updating all of our software.

        Right now Google Forms on iOS devices need to be rolled back to the “Old Forms”

        You are right, the new Google Forms does require a keypress to continue. Otherwise the spreadsheet is blank. Using “Old Forms” will fix this problem. Until we have an update for the new one.

        That being said, we have fixed this in the Android version of Scan to Web.

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