Seriously? Come on Evernote!

I pay for a Premium Evernote account. Recently, as I have been working on my literature review for my dissertation, I have been using my Evernote account for organizing and searching PDF files of journal articles. I find it easier to search the PDFs in Evernote because of its fabulous OCR capabilities. I am not sharing these notebooks with anyone; they are for my use only and all files were gathered legally. I am not even halfway to my monthly usage maximum and I get this in my email today. It’s one thing to let me know there has been an uptick in usage and suggest best practices but the accusatory tone of this email rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe my level of stress has me oversensitive. Maybe not.


To be fair, I received this from @evernotehelps on Twitter very shortly after sharing this blog post there. “That email auto-sends when we detect high upload; it’s not meant to be accusatory.” I certainly understand the auto-send but still think the email may benefit from a little bit of rewording. 

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