Get Started with Google Apps Script

Get Started with Google Apps Script

Modeled after a session presented by Andrew Stillman at the California Summit (July, 2014), this session will focus on WRITING Apps Script through some basic worked examples, an introduction to learner resources and communities, advice, and Q+A for educators who are looking to teach themselves to become script makers.

Attendees will need to have Google accounts and be able to access the Apps Script Editor – Some GAFE accounts may not have access turned on so using a personal Google account would be needed in that instance.

My presentation starts with a few slides and then I share a Google Document walk-through of what we do hands-on in the session. Here are those resources:

The Slides:


The Google Document: (make a copy when prompted)


Presentation Dates: 

  • Google in Education Southern Summit, Atlanta, GA. (February 1, 2015)