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Image Template for Google Forms Header

I always have the hardest time getting a custom image header the right size in Google Forms (the “new” Google Forms, of course). I made this Google Drawing template for my use but am making it available to anyone else needing it.

Get your own copy by going to Instructions are on the sides of the drawing but here is how it works.

The image canvas is set to be 1600 x 400 pixels. There is a rectangular area that represents the center top above the form. If you put your design elements there, you will be a-ok. When you have that area the way you want it, you can delete the rectangle (unless you want to keep it visible on the form). Then, download the image as a PNG. When you upload the image into the color palette on the Google Form, set the cropping markers to match the layout of the canvas on the template.

Here is a quick video – no audio – showing the process.

A Fix for the New Google Forms

I haven’t had a lot of time lately to keep up with the changes to Google Forms but got slapped in the face with them today when I needed to make a Google Form (new UI) and found no data validation options. Really? Checked in on the chatter in our #GTAATX Hangout chat and spotted…