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EdSurge Quoted Me!

I’m not one for tooting my own horn (extra funny because I am a trumpet player) but I did want to share that I got a highlighted quote in this EdSurge article. My first time!

The Takeaways – #ISTE2016 Day One

I figure since I am at ISTE in Denver and have been spending bunches of time in the Blogger’s Cafe, I should probably write a blog post while I am here. I am going to use my favorite question floating around the venue as my prompt. “What are your biggest takeaways?” Related to the conference…

Elementary Students Tweeting

I was so inspired by Alice Keeler’s recent post, Class Twitter Account: How Your Students Can Tweet, that I decided to take her idea and generate a Google Form for our soon-to-be-instituted elementary school student tech team to allow them to quickly submit tweets for consideration by our new Twitter feed. That part was easy but I…