Self-Assessment for Teacher on ISTE Standards

UPDATE: MobileMind no longer resells the assessment mentioned. They have, however, referred me to 2gnō.me. If any of you have used 2gnō.me and want to share some insights, please do comment below.

Yesterday I was introduced to MobileMind and the professional development solutions they offer, particularly in regards to Google in Education. I’m looking forward to learning more about the workshops they have available not only from the standpoint of an Instructional Technology Specialist responsible for providing quality PD for the teachers in my district but also from the view of an Instructional Designer about to start work on my dissertation in IDT.

mobilemindI did, however, want to go ahead and share their 360° Skills Assessment, based on ISTE Standards. This self-assessment takes about 15 minutes and is free and confidential. By answering some multiple-choice questions about 23 competencies aligned to the 5 ISTE Standards, a teacher can get a good picture about where they stand in regards to the standards. Teachers will need to create and confirm an account with in order to take the assessment.

Are any of your school districts using MobileMind? I would love to hear about your experience.

After taking the skills assessment, were your results what you expected? Tell me about it by posting a comment!


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  1. Hello, i came across this posting and would like to invite educators looking for personalized PD for teachers to visit us directly at In K-12, we focus on pedagogical standards around technology because teachers are fundamentally struggling with how technology changes their classroom. To do this, we developed methodologies for 23 targeted skills grouped into 5 Standards, aligned to the ISTE Standards for Teachers. If you are a teacher, you get a personalized PD dashboard that guides through your professional practice using classroom situations to enhance self-awareness, establish baseline of skill strengths and gaps, and get connected to personalized PD to address skill gaps. For our work with re-imagining PD for teachers, we received gold award at the 2016 Re-Imagine Education Competition. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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