Create a Permalink for a Google Hangout

I heard about the Unhangout Project from the MIT Media Lab and MacArthur Foundation while at #EdCampUSA last week.

While I can’t dive right in to trying this (requires admin set up on their end), I was looking around their site and came across a service they offer that CAN be used right away.

Get a permanent link to a Hangout to make that Hangout into an easily reusable online meeting room; a conference call that is always available.

WARNING – Anyone using the permalink can enter the Hangout! No invitation is needed. So, while you want to make a handy permalink, I wouldn’t make it too obvious and I wouldn’t share it widely or post on social media.

  1. Go here –
  2. Enter what you want for the ending of the permalink (which you can make shorter with a URL Shortener service later).
  3. Enter a quick title and description then create the permalink.
  4. Using the permalink takes you back to the page you are on at that time and you can launch the Hangout with the “Join Hangout” button.
  5. Various permissions must be accepted as the UnHangout Hangout App needs access to an assortment of services and features.

This won’t be useful for everyone but might be what you are looking for. If it is, great! If it’s not, share it out because someone else may find it helpful.


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