Make Your Own Animated GIF Tutorials

I’m a big fan of SnagIt for Chrome (extension with app) for many reasons. One of which is the ability to record up to 20 seconds of video and save it as an animated GIF directly into my Google Drive while immediately getting a short URL to share. However, sometimes what I need to record is not inside of Chrome or it takes me longer than 20 seconds to perform the steps.

If you are in the same boat, give LICEcap a look. It is a free download and is available for Mac and Windows. I will still use SnagIt when on my Chromebook but, when I’m on my Mac, I expect to make use of this handy application.

Crank up LICEcap and you will see a screen capture frame that can be resized to desired dimensions. Click the record button on the bottom of the frame and start working. You can move the frame around even while recording but I suggest you first use the handy-dandy pause button to avoid including the screen capture frame in the GIF.

The ability to pause, record in any application, record an area rather than an entire window, and move the recording area around make LICEcap a tool to have in your tech toolkit.


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