Slam: Form from a Sheet

Check out John McGowan’s two new Add-ons (currently in beta testing and still has some bugs): formIngester and formCreator.

To install formCreator:

  1. Join the formCreator trusted tester group (join the formIngester tester group as well).
  2. Use the link to get to the download the add-on link – Actually titled “QuickQuizCreatorDev ver. 2”
  3. Click the “Free” button to install. Authorize as prompted.

To use QuickQuizCreatorDev ver. 2 after installing:

  1. add-onOpen a Google Sheet
  2. Use Add-ons menu to choose “QuickQuizCreatorDev ver. 2” and “Create quiz”
  3. Click “Setup Sheet” to add a template sheet
  4. Fill in with your questions:
    1. Question Type (preset list)
    2. Question Title (the question)
    3. Question Help Text (optional)
    4. Begin Choices (possible answers to questions)
  5. In side panel, enter a “Form Title” and click “Create Form.”
  6. Wait a few seconds.
  7. Form gets created.

If you don’t want to deal with beta, try out the template Sheet that John started this with.


Here is a quick video of the steps above.




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